4 Different Brands For Organic Facial Care

Since your skin absorbs up to 64% of what you place on it, don’t you think it is essential to apply only those products that are safe and natural? Here comes the importance of organic skincare and facial care products which includes only those ingredients that are 100% pure and natural.

Organic is the latest buzz word in both the food and cosmetic industry, and there are numerous manufacturers who claim that their products involve the highest percentage of certified organic ingredients. Let’s have a quick glance over some of the top and reputed organic facial care products offered by trusted organic skincare brands.

Top 4 Organic Facial Care Products

Juice Beauty Simply Nourishing Moisturizer

Simply Nourishing Moisturizer from Juice Beauty is formulated as an ultra hydrating lightweight moisturizer that is infused with the sweet-smelling fragrance of soothing chamomile essential oils. The lotion is packed with the goodness of organic shea and cocoa butter, and is great in preserving the moisture of facial skin. The potent champagne grape antioxidants contained in the moisturizer aids in the revitalization of skin leaving it silky supple.

Juice Beauty, a California-based organic beauty solutions brand, has in its line-up a wide range of facial skincare solutions that are made of purely organic ingredients. Their organic facial skincare products range from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, hyper pigmentation and blemish removal creams, SPF creams, wrinkle solutions, stem cellular repair products and a variety of makeup products.

Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion

organic sweet almond oil-rich soothing cleansing lotion from Weleda is specially formulated to sooth sensitive and reactive skin. This organic gentle hypoallergenic product comes in a creamy form and is infused with ingredients that are great in cleansing and shielding the skin.

Essential fatty acids and plum kernel oil contained in the lotion is great in nurturing the facial skin besides maintaining the natural moisture. Weleda is a New York-based organic beauty solutions provider. The company believes in beautifying teh skin with the help of organic herbs, fruit extracts, roots and minerals.

Shea Terra Organics’ Kigelia Licorice After Sun Face Cream

The Kigelia Licorice After Sun Face Creme from Shea Terra Organics is packed with the goodness of Kigelia Africana – Africa’s treasured crop. The fruit extract is great in naturally firming and toning the skin cells. It is additionally enriched with the quality of shielding your skin from harmful sun rays. The extract of organic licorice roots functions as an excellent skin lightener.

Shea Terra Organics, an organic skincare products producer that is committed to spreading Africa’s time-tested ingredients to the world, offers variety of organic facial care products that are enriched with organic shea butter and other pure therapeutic grade ingredients.

Aubrey Organics Tea & Green Clay Rejuvenating Mask

The new Tea & Green Clay Rejuvenating Mask from Aubrey Organics is formulated as an invigorating antioxidant mask. The green clay mask is great in absorbing excess oil and impurities. Natural fruit acids contained in the mask leaves facial skin hydrated, renewed and refreshed. It also contains skin-moisturizing glycerin  organic aloe leaf extract and antioxidant-rich matcha green tea.

This clay mask can be safely used by people with sensitive skin and has been found to be beneficial for people affected with eczema skin disease. Founded by Aubrey Hampton – a pioneer in natural hair and skin care – Aubrey Organics believes in making natural, environmentally sound skin care products.

Discover naturally beautiful skin by using organic facial care products.

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