7 Reasons to Try Shared Office Spaces

You Should Experience Shared Office Space At Least Once in Your Lifetime and Here’s Why:

1. Time Management
Working from home can be filled with big distractions, be it in the form of TV, Family, neighbors or simply the fact that you are home. People find minimizing workspace interruptions difficult, and, needless to say your 8 hours of work will get stretched into 12 hours.

2. Reduced Stress
Leaving work at the office is a lot easier when you have an office to leave. Working from home can be stressful, particularly if there’s not a home office or segregated work space to retreat to. Some people who work at home feel guilty if they aren’t working all the time. This can create tension with other family members while also making relaxation difficult.

3. Networking
This isn’t important for everyone, but some people like going out and getting a chance to talk with others in a business environment. Coworkers can be great prospects or sources of referrals.

4. A Professional Setting
A coworking office provides with a professional set up. You don’t have to conduct corporate meeting in coffee shops anymore. It is a great option for those Freelancers; SMEs etc. who are looking for a professional environment yet don’t want to pay for an entire office or pay rates that a Business Center commands.

5. Low Maintenance Requirement
Since most of the coworking offices are plug and play type, there is minimal maintenance required from the coworker. The shared space provider takes care of all the maintenance that is required from Wi-fi connectivity to pantry facilities and housekeeping.

6. Lower Expenses and Lower Risk
Complimentary to the first point of coworking being cost effective, renting a private office, particularly in a large city, is a pricy option. Rents are usually high, as is the cost of furnishing the office, buying office equipment, paying utility bills, cleaning the space, and paying contractors to address any necessary building maintenance. In addition, many commercial landlords require tenants to sign long-term leases. Tenants with cash flow problems, or those who need to leave town for business travel, may find themselves stuck paying rent even when they can’t afford it, or don’t need the space. Coworking allows members to share the costs of utilities, Internet, and office machines, while offering short-term membership plans. Or other traveler’s packages

7. Social Pressure.
You are surrounded by people who are working relatively hard, staying motivated, and make things happening. It can be hard to stay committed when alone to break you out from browsing Facebook.

Most of the coworking spaces offer isolated areas, where you can work in concentration only if it is a requirement, however you don’t have to be alone as you would be in a private office. Humans are social and just being around other people increases quality of life & work. Additionally, most such spaces host events and meetings on how to grow a business.

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