Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes

The search for the right shoes can feel a lot like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. What’s the perfect shoe for running? How about for a workout at the gym? What about football shoes? These are just some of the questions which may be floating inside your head. And there’s also the question: where can I find it? Well, you might find the following information helpful.

Running: Know Your Gait

When it comes to running, check your gait. Knowing your gait—neutral, supinator, overpronator—will help you determine the right running shoes for you. Knowing your gait allows you to choose shoes based on two important things—stability and cushioning. Stability protects your feet from unnecessary movements which may lead to injury. Cushioning is for shock absorption, to lessen the repetitive stress of running. Overpronators (flat feet) need more stability and cushioning. Supinators (high arches), on the other hand, need more flexibility.

Football: Which Pitch Will You Be Playing On?

Selecting a football shoe, more popularly known as a cleat, is a bit more complicated. Besides gait, when it comes to cleats, you have to think about the pitch you’ll be playing on. If it’s the regular grass pitch you can choose shoes with plastic studs (the spikes under the cleats). Metal spikes are for muddy or dirt pitches. If the arena is Astroturf, an artificial pitch, you’ll need smaller studs and a lower cleat. The reason for this is that artificial surfaces have the tendency to “grasp” your cleats because of its traction. A lower shoe allows improved mobility. On the other hand, if you’ll play at an indoor pitch, you should do away with the studs and choose indoor cleat. These look similar to lifestyle shoes but have better traction so you can move better on the field.

Basketball: What Position Do You Play?

One of the main consideration for basketball shoes is the position you play. If you are a power forward or a center, it’s advisable that you’ll need a mid to high-cut shoe with lots of cushioning and stability to protect your feet when you battle it out in the post. Guards should avoid high-cut should because it can decrease their mobility and speed. Small forwards can be considered lucky because they can choose a wider range of shoes because of the versatility of their position.

Lifestyle: Take it Easy

Selecting lifestyle shoes is probably the easiest. Since you don’t expect to be really active, minimal cushioning will do. Typically, the main consideration is design and comfort. Diadora shoes are great for lifestyle wear with their trendy designs and cushioning.

Where can you find them in Middle East?

Looking for shoes is easy elsewhere, but if you’re in the Middle East, like Qatar for example, it can be a bit tricky. Although there are sport shops here and there, it can be tough to go from store to store to look for the right shoe. Your best bet would be to browse a trusted online shop. For instance, Diadora shoes can be found in specialized online shops. It’s more convenient to browse selections and just wait for the delivery when you have made your choice. Some people are concerned of size problems when it comes to buying online, but legit online shops have accurate size guides and even have return policies if miscalculations happen.

In summary, you really have to be wise when choosing shoes. Good shoes are an investment when you want to engage in fitness activities, sports of even just casual events. The right shoes help you perform better, help reduce the risk of injuries and make you feel confident about yourself.

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