Ben 10 Bedding: A Great Centerpiece

Written by Alex Vanover
16 July 2010

If you are an avid Ben 10 fan, or are designing a themed bedroom for someone that is, Ben 10 bedding is a cheap and simple way to give a room an exciting Ben 10 feel. It prevents the need to make permanent changes such as painting walls or applying borders and if you  combine it with simple accessories, you can create a stunning, yet easily changeable Ben 10 themed room.

What Styles of Bedding Are There?

With each series of the Ben 10 television show using a different colour scheme, there are a range of different styles of bedding to chose from. The first series uses a yellow and green colour scheme for a fun radioactive feel and the second uses a deep blue and red theme, offering a slightly more sophisticated colour palette to chose from.

Creating a Ben 10 Bedroom Effectively

To create an effective and exciting Ben 10 bedroom around the bedding, you can use some of the diverse range of accessories that are available. Ben 10 bedside lamps are great for evening reading, whilst a themed concertina bin or storage box are great incentives to keep a child’s room rubbish free and tidy.

How Much Will it Cost?

For a full set of bedding, including a sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, you can expect to spend between $20 and $30. If you are looking for something more unique, you can find some of the rarer Ben 10 pieces for anywhere up to $100 secondhand on various online auction sites.

So if you are looking to give a room a Ben 10 theme for your child, Ben 10 bedding can be an ideal way to create an eye-catching centerpiece without the need to make permanent changes to the decor or furniture in the room, and by combining it with Ben 10 accessories you can create a well thought out look in any size room.

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