What is Puppet Online Training and How Does It Work?

Puppet online training takes parts from the pain of method to configuration management to actuality take the advantage of Puppet to configure, build, maintain, and also power a network of scalable, secure of the high-performance system. This will not only teach the participants to learn about the basic building behind this course its declarative make plain and powerful DSL, but also they will experience to see the practice of Puppet in real life consequences.

As this is an open source configuration management function this runs on numerous Unix-like systems also on Microsoft Windows, including its own declarative language to define the system configuration. It’s a tool to design for managing the configuration Microsoft Windows and Unix-like declaratively. This course discovers the system information through a function called Factor and meets the terms the Puppet manifests into a definite system catalog which contains resources that are applied beside the target systems. Actions were taken by the Puppet then reported.

Online Training Overview

SRY IT Solutions provides training through online. The trainers are effective and passionate and they are respected authorities in the field of software. They share their experience on numerous topics of the course. To provide better solutions to the queries of the students the sessions are made completely practical and interactive by using the real-time methodologies and the project scenarios. They also guide further to upgrade the profile of the students for professional growth.


• End of the Training the students will:
• Have the professional knowledge about the course
• Become familiar with the concepts, Standalone modes, and Master/ Agent
• Finally, will start writing the infrastructure as a code

The people who are highly suggested to do the course are DevOps professional, who are using the Puppet like enthusiasts and the experience administrators of tsystem. To become a quality puppeteer and develop your knowledge walk on the way to great puppet experience.

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