Do You Need the Best OST Recovery Software?

OST File

OST file is a user-end mailbox record of his mailbox in the Exchange server. This is an offline visible and offline workable file. Users can use it in the offline mode when server connection is not there like they can update their calendar, contacts list or more using this OST file and once there is complete internet connectivity; these changes automatically get synced with the server mailbox once their system is connected with the server. However, in the absence of full connectivity i.e. when there is limited or no connectivity, then using this OST file, they cannot send/receive any emails. Also, at that time when the user-end file cannot be synchronized with server due to downtime, then this OST file is orphan at that time. So, the major problem arises when the server is down for a couple of days. Problem also pitches in when OST file gets corrupted.

Reasons for Problem Don’t Matter – Solutions Do!

There are many reasons which stand possible for such issues with an OST file like the following:

  • Dirty shut down
  • Copying data with application running in the background
  • Data backup operation being carried out without following the necessary operation requirements like shutting down the application in the first place
  • Unable to mount the server after it was dismounted deliberately for certain updation or enhancement
  • Sudden deletion of a user’s account or mailbox
  • Moving a user from one mailbox to another
  • Storage space limitation issue

Address the Problem!

Whatever problem it may be, the issue remains that your OST file is corrupted, orphan and not-functional due to some or the other reason; the end-result – you are not being able to do important email tasks like sending and receiving emails using this OST file and something needed to be urgently done about this else your work will suffer and your company’s business will suffer on the whole.

This Might Hold Your Interest More!

What we can suggest you is a tool called the OST recovery software, which is very adept in performing this task of OST file recovery. Moving on, other important points to take note of here are as follows:

  • The software can help you recover OST files easily
  • Restore OST emails with attachments
  • OST data recovery solution actually does the recovery job through conversion by performing the process to convert OST to PST
  • Complete and end-to-end recovery undertaken by this tool helps you recover everything held onto your offline stores whether it is a currently drafted email or an updation done in the calendar or even a contact items added recently to your address book list.

The bottom line is that this OST recovery utility is probably the best solution you can spot online for the need of OST email recovery.

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