A tale of every wife/girlfriend out there

God has blessed men with many powers. Not listening to women is just one of them.

I can warn them about the apocalypse but they just won’t listen–even if their a** is on fire. Photo Courtesy: YouTube


All our lives we’ve glorified Mahatma Gandhi’s “three wise monkeys”, representing the principle “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” While, it’s a great philosophy to live by, a few twists and turns here and there in this mantra is leading to major problems in my life.

Yes, some men, or at least the ones I have come across in my life seem to have misinterpreted the peaceful soul’s message and conveniently changed it to “see everything, hear nothing, speak absolutely nothing”–especially when it comes to dealing with women.  

No, I’m not focusing on the ‘Oh my God! He doesn’t hear me out and is emotionally unavailable’ aspect of “hearing”. I am talking about how most men never pay heed to my very sound pieces of advice.

I Don’t Claim To Be Einstein, But Women Are Definitely More Intuitive By Nature

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Granada, the Barcelona Pompeu Fabra and University and Middlesex University, women are biologically tuned to be more intuitive compared to men, thanks to the lower prenatal exposure to testosterone in them.

I can speak for the notion because, being a woman, I naturally foresee complicated situations ahead of time. But when I warn the men in my life about it and suggest precautionary measures too, they just just don’t pay heed.

Take something as simple as drinking alcohol for instance. This doesn’t even require any intuition, to be honest. The whole universe knows it’s terrible for health and that you’ve got to steer clear of it–especially if you’ve already puked thrice because of stomach infection just a day before.

But no, warn them all you want, they’ll drink it any way, only to get down with more severe infection followed by a glorious week in the hospital. This is exactly what I faced with a male friend some time back.

Did I Forget To Add “Regret Later” To Men’s Twisted Version of Gandhi’s Philosophy?

It goes without saying that a week in the hospital wasn’t led without bouts of regret followed by “I should have listened to you.” However, this isn’t the only case that has led me to form this opinion in life.

In yet another, very-obvious situation wherein I asked the man to take a left turn instead of right with a GPS in my hand, he chose to do the complete opposite. Simply because he trusted his own gut feeling more than me and well–the GPS. Perhaps, if the voice of the navigating robot was that of a male, he would have taken it seriously and spared me the horror for sitting in the car for almost one extra hour.

These situations remind me of a hysterical scene from a 90s flick (Ishq to be precise) in which Ajay Devgn and Amir Khan are hanging off a rod connecting two terraces. They are shouting and pleading with a guy who is all set to cut the rod off with his axe from the other end. He can clearly see them hanging, but can’t hear them begging for their lives since he’s deaf. So, he chooses to go ahead and finish his job any way giving his deafness as an excuse.

For the world, this might have just been a comedy of errors, but for me, it pretty much amounted to the tragedy of life. I could relate the deaf man to the men I deeply care about.

I Have Concrete Reasons To Point Out The Gender Bias Here

That’s because out of the many such situations I’ve faced with men in my life, there have been quite a few in which they’ve taken the very derogatory mantra of ‘bros before hoes’ way too seriously (obviously barring the times when they get to have fun between the sheets.)

I remember this one time when I asked a male buddy to be extra vigilant about his company’s finances post his father’s sudden death, citing his greedy relatives as the reason. Needless to say, there was no reaction on that for over a month until his ‘bro’ came to his rescue post a few losses here and there and showed him that his uncles were the ones burning a hole in their finances

That’s not it. A 2008 study found that men perceive men as more intelligent. So you see, you can’t call my claims baseless.

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