Abbas Curses Trump, Palestinians will Slap Back for Jerusalem.

By Israel Hayom, & Reuters

In a furious opening address to the Palestinian Liberation
Organization’s Central Council meeting on Sunday, Palestinian
leader Mahmoud Abbas cursed President Donald Trump: “May your house
be destroyed!” he said, for withholding aid to the Palestinians who
refused negotiations.

He accused Trump of “taking Jerusalem off the [negotiating]
table with a tweet.” “We won’t take orders from
anyone,” said Abbas. “We told Trump we will never accept his
[peace] plan. His ‘deal of the century’ is the slap in the
face of the century, and we will not accept it. The PA “will slap
back.” Abbas continued his diatribe by declaring “Israel is a
colonial European project with no connection whatsoever to the

Posters reading, “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of
Palestine” in Arabic were placed on several of the city’s
streets on Saturday. Salah ad-Din Street, where the Justice Ministry and
Jerusalem District Court are located, was among the targeted streets,
along with Sultan Suleiman Street, where posters were placed on utility

The Palestinians are being offered Abu Dis as the capital of a
future Palestinian state, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
said on Sunday. Abu Dis is a Palestinian town on the outskirts of
Jerusalem, where Al-Quds University, one of the largest Palestinian
universities, is located.

Abbas told the Central Council, “What would you want, if
Jerusalem were to be lost? Would you want to make a state with Abu Dis
as its capital?” Abbas stated rhetorically. “That’s what
they are offering us now. Abu Dis.”

The PA president did not identify who specifically is offering Abu
Dis as the capital of a future Palestinian state. However, many reports
over the past several weeks, anonymously quoting Palestinian and
Lebanese officials, have said that a forthcoming US peace plan includes
Abu Dis as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Speaking about the future US peace plan, Abbas said he has already
said ‘no’ to President Donald Trump. “We can say no to
anyone…. And we have now said ‘no’ to Trump and others. No,
we will not accept his plan,” Abbas said. “We told him that
the deal of the era is the slap of the era…We will repel it.”

Abbas also reiterated his support for the two-state solution and
said he would be open to land swaps. “I am with two
states…according to international legitimacy and the Arab Peace
Initiative. Europeans wanted to bring the Jews here to preserve their
interests in the region. They asked Holland, which had the world’s
largest fleet, to move the Jews.”

Then, quoting an Egyptian philosopher’s words on the Balfour
Declaration on providing a national home for the Jewish people, Abbas
said, “Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with

Abbas dedicated a sizeable portion of his speech to Jerusalem,
saying, “True, Jerusalem does not have the Kaaba (a structure in
Mecca considered the holiest site to Islam), but it is the first
direction for prayer and the third holiest site to Muslims.”

“Jerusalem is our eternal capital,” Abbas declared,
“come what may. It is for this reason that we are gathered here–to
defend it. We’re in a sensitive position. What can we comprise on
later? The state itself? Abu Dis as capital? We’re done. Here we
stay. We will not make the mistakes of the past–of 1948 and 1967–
again. Jerusalem and al-Aqsa, of which Mohammad spoke, are one of the
holiest sites after Mecca and Medina.”

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