Ash reveals the 10 things she keeps in her gym bag at all times

Going to the gym and not sure what to pack? A water bottle and maybe a towel? As busy mums, we all know how much ‘things’ we need, so much so our bags can end up feeling like we’re carrying everything but the kitchen sink – Mary Poppins style!

How much stuff do we really need for a single workout?

Healthy Mummy Fitness Ambassador Ash Petroff, who has lost 25kg* by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, has revealed to us exactly what she packs in her gym bag in order to get the most out of her time there.

Check out her organised bag below and get packing!

What to pack in your next gym bag

More often than not, the bag you carry is just as important as the items in it and as busy Healthy Mummies we understand the importance of having one large enough to fit basically your life in it!

Ash agrees that a big gym bag is essential to your workout as she says, “I always take my Healthy Mummy tote bag with me to the gym! It’s the most versatile bag and I have one for every occasion!

“I carry a lot of Healthy Mummy products in my gym bag because it’s everything a healthy mummy like myself needs!

“Something for every occasion and ensures me that I get a great workout and helps me nutritionally post workout on the go!”

Top 10 essentials that Ash always keeps in her gym bag

1. Drinks bottle

“My Healthy Mummy drink bottle is so important to keep up the water intake when exercising,” Ash says.

2. Resistance bands

Sometimes the gym you go to (or even if you’re working out outdoors) may not always have the equipment you want to use.

Bringing your own little extras can take your workout to the next level. Ash says, “Nine times out of 10 I always use the resistance bands in my workouts so always carry them with me!”

3. Deodorant

Deodorant at the gym is a must-have for Ash. There’s nothing worse than working out next to someone who doesn’t smell so hot. Ash says, “You gotta smell nice!”

4. Music

Ear phones are essential for many people for a workout.

It’s great for those days when you can’t bear the thought of exercise, throwing on a pair of headphones and zoning out can get you through most activities!

Ash agrees, “No way I can workout without music, so I always have my ear phones to listen to The Healthy Mummy Spotify playlist.”

5. Post workout fuel

Ash always packs her Healthy Mummy Shaker for her post workout shake. Allowing your muscles to recover straight after a workout, especially if you’ve just done a weights workout.

Now that you have post workout fuel covered, read up on what to consume pre-workout!

6. Protein

The Healthy Mummy Protein powder is a great thing to add into your bag for a post-workout re-fuel.

“Sometimes after I workout I head out and about before going home, so having my shaker and protein with me keeps me fuelled for after my workout,” Ash says.

7. Snacks

Healthy Mummy Snack Bars can help with cravings, energy levels and could be a enticement to get you to your workout in the first place.

“My all time favourite snack on the go is the snack bars, they’re delicious and nutritious!” said Ash.

8. Change of clothes

Because lets face it, who comes out of their workout looking fresh? Pack a spare Healthy Mummy Singlet like Ash to avoid wearing a sweat drenched top to pick up the kids!

9. Accessories

Ash packs her training gloves for when lifting weights. This protects her hands from calluses and allows her weight session to be as intense and effective as possible. Your accessory may be a hat, cycle shoes, or even a towel!

10. Phone

What a vital part technology plays in our lives these days. Your smart phone can be your nutritionist, personal trainer and biggest motivator with Ash saying “Of course my phone is in my bag so I can follow the exercises from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app.”

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