Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Women in 2017

If you have been to a gym lately, you know that more than 95% of the people there are probably taking pre workout supplements. Most of these people are probably men. However, in the last few years, women have also begun to take all different kinds of pre workouts. To be fair, almost all the reviews we have done for different pre workouts are perfectly acceptable for women to take. However, in the past few years, companies have started to come out with a few different kinds of pre workouts that are formulated specifically to be taken by women. Below you will see our top pick for the best pre-workout supplements for women.

One of the key distinctions in the different between pre workout for men and women is that the supplements targeted at women have a much lower creatine content. Many women incorporate a lot more cardio into their workout session than men do. With more creatine, you will get dehydrated quicker and will not function at your best when doing cardio. By lowering the creatine, you get the full benefits without the negatives.

Think about it, creatine often times in a pre workout will be dehydrating. If you are doing a lot of cardio, this  dehydrating effect may give you muscle cramps which will absolutely kill your workout right in the middle. I know from working out with Melissa that creatine seems to bother her. This is not to say that creatine is bad for women, it certainly is not. It will also not make women bulk like men.

Another thing you will notice is that pre workouts for women will typically not have tribulus and fenugreen. They will also be missing D-aspartic acid. Why? Well, these are some of the ingredients that are put in to boost a man’s testosterone levels which women should not take.

Other than those two main differences, almost all the pre workouts both for males and females are very similar. They contain boosters for energy just like what the guys take. You will also notice many similar ingredients such as whey protein,  beta alanine and carbs in the pre workouts for women below. Which is best? Well, it is really up to you. You may notice that if you take half a scoop of a supplement formulated for men, you will get the same energy as when you take a full serving of any of the ones below.  This has to do with your tolerance to some of the stimulants so you really need to test different products and different quantities of that product to make sure you are getting the best workout possible in the gym.

The Most Important Aspects Of A Pre-Workout For Women

  • Not all stimulants: When you take any pre workout you should not be in pain before your workout. You need to make sure that yu read the labels and check what is in it. Pre Workouts that have a ton of stimulants in them may give you a ton of energy for your workout session, but you may find that you crash hard at the end which is what no one likes.
  • Great Ingredients: When shopping for a healthy pre workout supplement, you will need to look for some key things such as carbs, arginine, caffeine, and my personal favorite, beta alanine (which gives you the tingles). A lot of these products will have these ingredients but in varying amounts.
  • No Crash! We have probably all been there. You take a supplement, feel great for your workout, but afterwards, you feel like curling up and dying. Try to avoid this by making sure your pre workout is not full of stimulants you cannot handle.
  • Boosts Focus and Energy to the max: The best pre workouts will get you off the couch and excited about working out! These are designed to put you in the zone with only a single goal, to demolish every fitness goal in your path. If a supplement is not giving you this feeling, try another one.

Misunderstanding Women’s Workout Supplements

Lots of women do not want to take PWO’s for one reason or another. They are typically worried about side effects that they just do not want. They will see guys around the gym taking certain things and think, hell no, I do not want to look anything like that! While it may be true you do not want to look anything like some of those guys, a lot of these concerns are not fact based.

  • I am not a professional bodybuilder: True, you are not, but a pre workout really is not for a bodybuilder, it is for anyone that wants to workout. You want to develop a better body right? Pre Workouts really help you get to that next level by pushing you past your barriers and getting you excited to get in the gym, which is what people have the hardest time doing to begin with.
  • I do not want huge muscles! Almost all the women I talk to have this misconception. You will NOT get massive muscles building out all over the place. The women you see in competitions that are huge are taking male hormones, which is the entire reason they can get so crazy looking. The way you are now, you just do not have the amount of testosterone needed to pack on this kind of size. Do not worry, this will never happen to you if you do not want it to.
  • I do not want to feel bloated and huge! If you like to incorporate a lot of cardio into your workouts, then do not worry, you will not feel bloated at all. If you get stomach pains from any pre workouts, that means there are too many stimulants in that product. Try taking half a dose and see if that helps.
  • Can I take beta alanine or creatine? If you are a women (you probably are if you are reading this), then these are perfectly safe to take when exercising. These will not turn you into a freak!
  • I do not want to gain any weight! I understand, almost no one wants to put on weight. Pre workouts are great because instead of gaining weight, they help you burn fat faster, by working out harder!

How To Use A Pre-Workout

Now that you know how beneficial pre workout supplements can be to your overall goal of getting fit, you need to know how to properly use them. In the best case scenario, you would be able to get all the energy you need from a proper diet and always be motivated to go workout at the gym. However, life will often get in the way and some days you will feel sluggish.

This is where pre workouts come in! Simply take the recommended dose, usually 1 scoop, about 15-20 minutes before you start working out. This will allow the body to start absorbing all the stuff inside and give you that boost you need. If you are someone who does not deal well with caffeine, please do not take any of these products close to bed or you will never sleep, trust me on this one!

A note about serving size: If your container suggests 1 scoop, I would always suggest using half a dose first. This will let you see what your tolerance is and how it affects you. I normally get all the focus and energy I need from taking half a serving. This is also very cost effective!

HIT Igniter Extreme

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HIT has come out with a women only preworkout called Igniter Extreme. They have a male version of this but the female version has a very similar profile of nutrients to get the most out of your workout!

We rated this the best pre-workout for women for many reasons. The number 1 reason is that this product contains absolutely no carbs, no sugars, and best of all, no calories! With no calories, this product provides you a bunch of B vitamins such as B12, B5, B6, B3, B2, and B1. You also get a little creatine, but my favorite beta alanine to get you ready to go. Women have said that this is the product that gives them an extreme amount of energy, edurance, and focus! The taste is spot on which is a huge plus since some taste bad, but not this one! If you want to get your feet tingling to get into the gym and kill your exercise routine, this is the product for you!

Chick Pump

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If you are looking for the best well known pre workout for females, this is what you have been searching for. Chick Pump is made specifically for you! It comes with creatine, caffeine, and a good amount of beta alanine. These three combined will create an explosive pre workout that gives insane focus and energy for your next gym session. Just take some of this, mix it up in some water, and drink it on the way to your local gym. You will start feeling tingly and once you get there, will do amazing things.

As for flavors, the grape is absolutely perfect! From the women I have talked to, this product lives up to its name! It gets you up and going but does not cause any crash or jitters like some products high in caffeine will do. Your pre workout is important, so make sure you give this product for women like you a try.

FitMiss Ignite

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FitMiss Ignite is a product by Muscle Pharm. Muscle Pharm is a well known name in the supplement industry for workout supplements that are known to be effective and easy on your wallet.

The blend, designed especially for women, helps with fat loss, give you the motivation you need in the gym, and help you get the body you have always dreamed of. What I like about this product is that it does not come all in a single tub. Instead it comes in small plastic tubes which means you can carry a serving with you wherever you go without carrying around a full tub. Perfect for if you are working out right after work!

The beta alanine in the product really works well and tingles should be felt pretty soon after taking it. It also helps burn fat because it comes with a fruit extract called Citrus Aurantium. Overall, give this product a try as it is a bit different than the others in this list.

Jack3d Micro

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Jack3d has been a well known name for pre workouts for ages. It used to contain DMAA which was crazy at getting you going but a few years ago it was banned by the FDA. Do not be worried, because Jack3d has completely redone their formula and with this one, it brings to the table one of the greatest pre workouts for females made today.

What does the new formula come with? Well Jack3d has come out with a formula which has agmatine sulfate and arginine nitrate in it. Both of these are used to up your nitric oxid production. This is what really gets you pushing harder than you normally would. The formula also comes with a lot of caffeine which is present in almost all pre workouts on the market. One of the special ingredients is that it makes use of Higenamine which is said to help with weight loss. This product does not contain any beta-alanine and is perfect if you hate the tingly feeling.

The pros of this preworkout is that it gives you great energy but it just not deliver the “pump” that you may be familiar with. If you are looking for clean energy that is sure to last without crashing, then you should consider this PWO for women.

White Flood

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White flood is another well known pre workout supplement but it is actually not just for women. However, many women love to use it because it does not have any calories in it at all! It contains tyrosine, beta alanine, citrulline, and arginine. If you are not wanting to get any creatine, white flood would be a good choice. My favorite part of this preworkout supp for women is that it has nitric oxide enhancers. This will help you push beyond your muscle fatigue and get a longer workout.

This product delivers a pump, energy, and an amazing focus during your exercise routine. With it being priced extremely well, it is sure to last you ages! We also found the taste to be very good and very mixable. Older versions of this product, not so much.


If you are looking for a top supplement to take as a woman, then a great pre-workout is what you need to get! It will help increase your energy, up your focus, and make sure you make some serious endurance and strength gains in the gym. If you can get over your fear that these supplements will make you bulky, which is not true, you are going to go far and hit your fitness goal in no time!

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