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Symmastia, commonly known as “bread loafing,” “kissing implants,” or “uniboob” is a rare aesthetic complication following breast augmentation. A result of over-dissection in the cleavage area, symmastia is sometimes the unintended consequence of trying to create or enhance cleavage with breast implants.

Symmastia is more common in thin women who have less tissue covering the sternum. However, any woman who is not working with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will be at an increased risk for this unfortunate complication.
Preventing Symmastia

The best way to prevent symmastia is to choose a plastic surgeon that is board-certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You may not be aware that anyone with a medical degree can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon.” Only someone who has completed additional training and residencies specifically in aesthetic surgery, passed exhaustive oral and written exams, and had their surgical results approved by a panel of board-certified surgeons can call themselves a plastic surgeon.

When selecting a plastic surgeon, take time to check his or her credentials. If they are not board-certified, look for someone else. Look also at their before and after gallery. This will give you an idea of the results they are able to offer their patients. When available, browse their patient testimonials for more thorough information about what you may expect from your potential surgeon.

If you are pleased with what you find on a plastic surgeon’s website, schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting make sure you ask your plastic surgeon about his or her experience and determine what breast augmentation options they offer. A consultation does not mean you are committed to a particular surgeon. You should feel free to meet with as many plastic surgeons as necessary until you find the one you feel is most qualified to provide you the results you deserve.

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