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No matter how good a product or offer you have, if your copy isn’t good you are not going to get prospects to buy from you. If you don’t write about it correctly it is not going to come across as being valuable. Here are some tips to help you write a better offer.

Base your offer on prospects true desire.

You must write your offer in terms of your prospect’s desire. The closer you can get to what they really desire , the more they will be willing to give you in terms of money. Your offer has to be relevant and offer value.

Write a persuasive headline.

A headline has to hook the attention of your prospect for long enough for you to make the offer. It has to mention the problem the prospect is trying to solve and a solution. Get these two aspects right and you are well on your way.

Prove it!

You have to proof everything you claim. You can’t get away with hype anymore like in the old days. Back then all you needed was big bold red letters and magic words like unbelievable. People are very skeptic of offers on the internet these days. Let’s take a minute to thank the scammers who ruined it for the rest of us. You need to prove all your claims by means such as : graphs, screen shots, real testimonials and case studies.

List the benefits, not the features.

Features are what you’re giving and benefits are what you’re getting.

Feature : 24 hour phone support (Giving support)

Benefit: Get help anytime (Getting support)

Bullet points are a great way to convey benefits, they also break up the text, which make it easier to read. Also try arrows and checkmarks as alternatives to bullet points.

Include several calls to action.

You should sprinkle calls to action throughout your copy, but you need to be smart about it , otherwise you will come across as pushy. Use buttons, links and images. You can alternate them throughout your text to make it look natural. You want to guide the prospect to where you want him/her to go. People want to “get” something, so give them what they want and tell them what they will get.

Give bonuses.

People love getting free stuff. Just look at the infomercials on TV. “But wait, there’s more!” They don’t use that phrase just to annoy you, they know that people love feeling like they are getting a deal.People buy on emotion and justify it with logic. So give your prospects great value and then you make it even better with an added bonus.

Make it easy.

Use synonyms that don’t imply much work for the visitor.

Instead of learn use discover

Instead of build you can use create

Instead of pay you can use invest

Use numbers.

Numbers make things tangible and can be a big help in your copy. They create curiosity and break up long pieces of text by drawing the eye. Here are some examples:

7 Ways to…….

20 Reasons you should never…….

5 Ideas that will………

Use these pointers to create enticing copywriting and see your conversions skyrocket. But wait, there’s more! No just kidding this is all I have for now.

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