Driver Training Guide to Parking a Car

Many drivers will avoid crowded streets if they have difficulty parking in confined spaces. Some car parks have very narrow bays which some motorists will drive many a mile to avoid. A fear of damaging their own vehicles or other people’s property is the main reason to choose larger car parks or go for on street parking

Changing plans at the last minute is probably the most extreme form of this behaviour. If a trip is important this can be a real issue. A simple trip to town may be changed but if a journey is important this may not be a possibility. Skills quickly degrade if they are not practised so if motorists do not need to reverse park then they will soon lose the necessary skills. Causes for losing manoeuvring skill include having their own driveway at their property or simply taking a prolonged break from driving.

Some experts believe that parking should be removed from the driving test but this would probably be a mistake. These are important skills used throughout a persons entire driving career. Both the bay park and the parallel park have been requirements of the driving test for many years. The parallel park does not have to be done into a space though, rather the candidate is only required to park behind one car finishing within two car lengths. This hardly prepares new drivers for the real world. The bay park will not be covered at all if the local test centre does not have it’s own car park. Driver training does not have to end on passing the test and bespoke post test tuition is an area that could have many benefits.

Those giving driving lessons could provide training in parking for those who require it. Brushing up on the key skills of control and observation would benefit other areas of driving and save money on repairs to car bodywork, making such training a wise investment. Manoeuvres could be reinforced as part of the pass plus course , especially if the bay park was not learned previously in training.


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