Emergence and Evolution of Virtual Call Center in India

What is virtual call center?

In a virtual call center the call center agents do not work from the organization’s building, rather they work from different geographical locations. These call center agents are called virtual call center agents who work in groups sitting in different centers of an organization. The most worthwhile factor of working in a virtual call center is the flexibility of time and work place that seems to be really favorable among the call center agents. Many people nowadays are opting for this job because of the facilities that they get along with it. Not only to the employees, virtual call centers appear to be beneficial for the organizations too, as it reduces the equipments, infrastructure and other operational costs.

How India has made its name in the world of virtual call center?

India is one of the most distinguished and popular name while it comes to the call center services. Offshore business process outsourcing has observed its rise primarily in India. There are some concrete reasons as to why and how offshore outsourcing and virtual call centers in India made it large. India has a huge manpower that is at the same time educated and fluent in English and other languages. Here people readily work for lesser salary than that of the European countries. Indians are known to be more hard-working in comparison to Europeans. Therefore, this country has an availability of skilled labor. On these grounds India has made its name in the world of offshore and virtual call center over the years.

Services under Indian call center business plan:

As discussed previously India has promisingly shown many facets of its growing empowerment in the call center industry. Among the various BPO and call center related services the followings are the most distinctive ones-

1.  Inbound call center services- the inbound call center services contain some major inbound services like

•  Answering service

•  Customer service

•  Help desk solution

•  Direct mail response

•  Sales lead qualification

•  Inquiry handling

•  Interactive voice response

•  Email and chat support

2.  Outbound call center services- the outbound call center services include

•  Telemarketing services

•  Market research and survey

•  Appointment setting

•  Cross selling and upselling

•  Lead generation

•  Product or service promotion

•  Voice broadcast

3.  Back office services- apart from inbound and outbound call services a virtual call center in India very competently provides back office services too. The back office services include

•  Order taking services

•  Transcription services

•  Web marketing services

•  Billing and product information

The convergence of these services helps to build proper and successful Indian call center business plan to elevate the service quality of the virtual call centers.

Switching to the virtual call centers open up doors of benefits for your organizations. As almost all the operational services can be regulated from any corner of the world thus it automatically saves the employee turn over. Virtual call center in India is also beneficial for the fact that it can be used for seasonal business and in any other occasions whenever needed.

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