All You Need to Know About Telugu Hindu Weddings

Telugu weddings are filled with joy and fun. This is because; these weddings have so many rituals. The guests who come will surely enjoy the entire function. In fact, this function is supposed to be a spiritual function and this means that two souls will meet each other and also two families will now unite with one another. In Telugu matrimony, the elders are given due respect in all the functions. Their blessings are sought and this is what makes them stand high in the culture.

Know about Telugu Hindu weddings.

Hindus who speak Telugu are quite God loving and they love the idea of celebrating all the important events of life. The wedding is considered as quite important and this means that when you are looking forward to attending this wedding then you will really enjoy all the moments.

The very first ceremony is the Nischay ceremony. In this, there is the formal announcement that the couple will get married soon. This is an event wherein the engagement rings, jewelry and gifts are exchanged with one another.

Hindu Telugu weddings are quite different because they are mostly celebrated at the temple. Also, the ceremony is filled with joy and fun because there are much pre-wedding and post wedding rituals too. If the guests are attending the wedding then it’s important that they should take an off for a few days.

The important wedding rituals

The most important rituals in these weddings are Mangalsutra tying and the priest decides the time which is perfect for the event. Also, there will be a time decided for saptapadi. These are some of the important rituals which would need the presence of guests too. Even the elders of the family would be present over here. They have to bless the couple.

The important post-wedding rituals

It is important that the post wedding rituals are celebrated as per the priest’s guidance. The newly wed bride has to get into the house after the wedding and for that, the grihapravesh ritual has to be carried out.

If you are a Telugu then you will have the better idea about how to opt for things. There are many ways to get info about Telugu matrimony and so it’s important that you get the idea about the same. New generation boys do not have the idea about the old customs. But you can always ask the elders. It’s good that even Telugu weddings are now changing and things have become quite flexible over a period of time. Kashi yatra, jay mala are some of the best rituals that will make the guests cheer the couple. These are some of the very special moments that every couple has to enjoy and for that, it’s important to note that the weddings should be planned well. The arrangements can be done by the family or you can give the task to someone who is really the best like an event manager.

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