Fixed and Removable Alternatives of Dental Braces for Adults

Do you want to own a perfect celebrity like smile and yet having crooked teeth? You are not alone as there are many people facing the same problem. It is a common problem in the modern world. The improper positioning of the teeth even leads to several problems like not being able to keep your teeth inside your mouth willingly.

However, you need not to worry, as there are plenty of solutions available. Among them traditional braces is very popular. At the same time, there are some issues including the need to exert that much effort when you clear your teeth. Not only that, your speech also becomes distorted not to mention the stain marks that you need to take care off. But there is problem also, many adult don’t want to wear the traditional metal braces in public. In order to solve this problem different variations in dental braces for adults are available.

There are two types of alternative to braces for adults, these are Fixed and Removable.

Fixed braces include the following:

•  Fixed Space Maintainers: This is used to keep the space between the adjacent teeth until a false tooth is attached if a tooth is lost or has been chipped. The tooth that is placed next to the space is attached to a band and a wire is extended to the tooth on the other side of the space.

 Special Fixed: These are attached to the teeth by bands and are used to control the tongue thrusting.

And the removable braces include the following:

•  Headgear: It is such a device that helps to pull back the front teeth. It holds the back teeth firm and it pulls back the front teeth. The growth of the upper jaw is also slows down by the device.

 Removable Retainers: It prevents the teeth from the shifting in its last position as they are worn over the roof of the mouth.

•  Palatal expander: It is made up of plastic and it is also worn on the roof of the mouth. The arch of the upper jaw will be widens with the help of this device. And the job will be done by the pressure applied by screws in the palate to the plate which opens it lengthwise, increasing the area.

•  Jaw Repositioning: The jaw of you mouth will be closed in a more comfortable position if you take the help from the Jaw Repositioning.

 Aligners: For adults it is the best alternative to braces their teeth. Like the metal braces. It also works with the same manner but it has no metallic device. For that reason this is totally invisible to the naked eye.

If you want to achieve a good smile without wearing the usual traditional type braces then the alternative to braces for adults listed above will make it easier.

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