How To Modify Your Mobile phone Into A Gamepad

There is a lot of application available for you due to this matter one of these are Ultimate Gamepad. This app is compatible with Android and iOS operating-system.

By using this application your handset are easily use as an effective gamepad, with the touchscreen that your mobile phone already has you can easily tap or slide to control the game you’re playing on the computer. This app is completely free for you to download, consist of the client application that you need to install on your computer whatever operating system like Windows, linux, or Mac OS. For its connection between your smartphone and PC you can utilize wireless connection either Wifi or Bluetooth.


The set up process is not difficult you’re able to use Android smartphone and Mac OS laptop X on this tutorial


Configuration on the PC


Very first step you have to install the application required for your computer or laptop. This software is compatible with PC running on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can easily get this app here, select the installer based on the operating system you have, and after that do the installation. As you installed the application, double click on the icon positioned on your desktop (Mac OS) or in the system tray in the lower corner (Windows). This software will automatically setup an active connection that you can choose either its Wifi or Bluetooth for your PC connection. Open the setting menus in the Ultimate Control Receiver by clicking the icon and choose show setting. It is possible to setup passwords for your connection to verify the link between PC and Smartphone. Once you done, next step is going to be setup your smartphone.


Now, you can make a setup for the handset to become a gamepad on your desktop or Laptop. Ensure that you already have got the installer through the official website or app market around. Then you can simply playing your favourite games on your computer or laptop using Handset as a gamepad. Here the step to setup connection between your mobile phone to your PC.


1. Install the main application from Ultimate Gamepad from GooglePlay for Android or Appstore for iOS. Open the application, therefore the notification will show up and ask to install the client for the PC. Skip this if you already done that.


2. From the software windows, simply select the connection you would like to use. If you prefer Bluetooth, tap it and if there is notification display choose yes. Next select the name of the pc to be linked with, follow the next step like pairing or insert the password you already set before.


3. If you like wifi connection that connect with hotspot from your home or office, select Wifi. Then simply select the agent name in your PC. If connection is succeed, your smartphone will be ready for your gaming experience. There will be a gamepad show on your mobile phone screen.


4. Run the game from your PC and try playing it using your new gamepad. setting is accessible from this gamepad display, tap the arrow button so you can see it.


When you have problem for connection or perhaps your gamepad doesn’t work, be sure that you follow all of the step correctly and try again.

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