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For most of us fishing can be quite a long a tedious task, especially if you don’t own a boat. Whilst having a boat can provide you with the ability to access most places that any shore angler doesn’t have access to. I mean the big guys are out in the middle right? Boat owners or “Boaties” will often brag about their massive catches, post pictures on facebook, and usually have thousands of dollars worth of gear to back up their impressive catches.

This is where the tides have started to turn (Pun) for shore based anglers. A bunch of clever guys have got together to create a Fish Finder that enables any shore based fisherman to first inspect an area of water before he or she actually spends all day fishing and hoping they’re going to catch a fish! I’ts called the Deeper Fish Finder. Picture this – Standing on the shore of your favorite fishing spot while getting live feeds straight to your smartphone from one of the worlds most advanced fish finders. Just like its counterparts that we generally known for boat owners, this bad boy is just for shore based anglers and it comes with little disappointment.

With the ability to see depth, obstructions and of course patches of fish that are going to wrap their mouth around your bait. Simply cast out your Deeper into the water where you are aiming to fish and let the live feeds begin. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax, have a beer and unwind from a long day at work. But for the more adventurous and determined fisherman, the Deeper might be up their alley. If you own a smartphone and tech savvy enough to download an app then the Deeper might be for you or a perfect gift for that mate who can’t catch a fish to save his life.

Generally speaking i’ve seen other depth finders or Fish Finders on sites like amazon for about $200 and for portable fish finders within that price range you get a pretty good bang for your buck! Most of the reviews for portable fish finders such as the deeper have at least 4 stars which including myself can voucher for. On the other hand there are a few cheaper versions on the market which are great, but seemingly lack the quality and features that the deeper has. Are there any other anglers out there that have some cool gadgets that our fellow anglers might be interested in? Spread the word and have a look at the deeper fish finder! It might just be a great accessory to your fishing tackle box

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