Lebron James: The Actor? Warner Bros?

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Yes, your glasses are on correctly. LeBron James in not only being considered the best basketball player in the world after his great performance in the finals, he is also putting on a clinic in his acting career.

If you haven’t heard already, Lebron James starred in a new comedy called “Trainwreck” where he played a role that critics could not resist to comment. Ian Crouch of the The New Yorker said that “James is the funniest person” in the movie, which starred other fairly famous comedians.

James drew attention from other famous actors, including the main actor in the movie, Amy Schumer stating “I think he’s all set right now employment-wise, but I can say with full confidence that I believe he could have another career in acting if he wanted.” Schemer told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s really not fair. Judd, Bill, and I, we’re just funny. That’s our only thing. He’s like, ‘Okay, so am I, but I’m also the best basketball player in the world.’”

On this beautiful Wednesday, Cavaliers superstar LeBron James’ company signs content creation deal with Warner Bros. for projects in TV, film, and digital. Not only will he be considered busy on arguably one of the best teams in league, he might be adding an oscar to his resume soon enough.

USA Today’s Brian Truitt couldn’t resist and called James’s role “a slam dunk.” In Rebecca Keegan’s review for The Los Angeles Times, she said LeBron’s “performance reflects impressive off-court timing and a sense of humor about his own image.”

Lebron James will also be taking his talents to Warner Bros in Burbank.

Few athletes have been able to do what Lebron is attempting to do. Mr. James has a business mind. He has been seen in many business conferences across the nation.

Some people may state that Lebron is getting way too ahead of himself with diving into the acting career, and forgetting his love for basketball. However, others may say that Lebron is considered one of the smartest people in the league, on and off the court. Being the vice-president of the NBA Player’s association, he has some great knowledge under his belt.

From personal experience, he made the movie he starred in really great. Every time he had a scene, I couldn’t resist my laughter. Love him or not, he’s a pretty funny guy.

Can Lebron James see success in the acting career? Can not wait to see what he produces next. Maybe a “Space Jam” number two?

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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