I Miss Him After Our Breakup

Having dispute in a relationship is normal. There will be a time in your relationship that both of you will not understand each other. It is in the way you handle the fights. If these differences were not settled, you might end up finishing your relationship. However, break ups does not necessarily mean that you do not love each other. It might imply that both of you needs time to think of what went wrong with the relationship. 


Missing an ex-boyfriend is very common especially if the break up was just recent. It will make you regret the decision of breaking up with him. If you believe that the break up was a mistake and the love did not change at all, then maybe you still get him back.


1. Take it easy: Let the situation cool down. The decision of break up was made because something went wrong reflect on what went wrong. If this will not be done then you will end up doing the same mistake again. 


2. Action speaks louder than words: Be consistent in what you say. Show that you are trying to help him move on and is truthful in being his friend. This will earn you his respect.


3. Be his friend: You ex-boyfriend needs a person to lean on right now, try to be that person. He is in great pain so having a friend to talk to would be important for him. 


4. Lent him vent his feelings: Remember that the break up was also painful for him. So, listen to what he says. Give him a chance to explain his side and convey what he feels about the break up.


5. Seek Closure: Apologize in what happened. Tell him that deciding to have a break up with him is irrational and stupid. Tell him that you now know his value after losing him. Start by telling him you still want to be friends with him. 


6. Reason out with him: This is the deciding point to know if the plan is effective and if there will still be a chance to bring back the relationship. Once you gain his trust back, tell him that you want him back. After this, he will surely think of the possibility of being with you again, and will take his part in the break up. 



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