Phrases Of Winter On To Angela Gheorghiu


New Year’s Message To Angela Gheorghiu


My dearest Angela Gheorghiu I never being one to repeat the wishes of others desire that this 2012 bring us to encounter of friendship as well as in the form of two artists ever devoted to the grandeur which is the opera and the adoration we mutually hold it in


Angela Gheorghiu In Winter’s Drifting Snow


A poem about my thoughts concerning Angela Gheorghiu in winter’s snow and frost.


Flakes of limpidness descend from heaven in rage

a globe covered in nature’s ashen wave from above

a swirl of caprice has its folly as melodious wonder

flies about my Angela Gheorghiu


Gentile as furry creature in season of frost

in sallow wears to blend in with icy scenery

black as night be my Angela’s mane

to add contrast of delight

as she in heated affection stand in blizzard


Bright star of soprano be my Angela’s eye of smile

as with arms to hold in warmth’s kindness

and lips to embrace she greet with lustful breath  

as we in winter’s land do meet in tenderness


Angela Gheorghiu As Opera Diva On Winter’s Night


A poem about my thoughts concerning Angela Gheorghiu in winter’s snow and frost.


Desire Angela kindles in winter’s blaze

as crimson glow of fire’s color

my Angela’s pale skin in passion’s shade

does deliver sensation of desire upon night of frost


My Angela’s ardor of breasts and rose

are mine to cherish under blankets of winter

I savor my Angela’s flesh of diva upon my skin

as we find ourselves trapped in winter’s luxury

whilst wonder of Angela’s shining gaze guide

in bliss of all season’s lust

Angela Gheorghiu as operatic star of the north on winter nights

my Angela does forever shine on stage as frail delicate Traviata

as warm with cheer she stride with her devoted Alfredo in chorus

while flows of champagne grants gaiety to all


Winter’s darkness be long in gloom

yet my Angela as boheme in humanity radiates

as she to Rodolfo sing her name as Mimi

in expectation of spring’s first offering

to arrive as rays of youthful hope

how my Angela create winter

in her own sensual image of ardor

to engulf all in her womanly flame


My Angela’s smile shimmering

as wondrous images evoke dreams

of embraces to enthrall

as the finest of brandies quenches

thirst for delicate warmth

whilst our mouths do engage

the other in consuming kindliness


Angela, bodies a blaze tussle

in our dwelling’s golden glow of log

as rose of my Angela does

with all might inebriate my palate

whilst brews of its sweetness

do incense sensations of passions onward


Wings of my Angela in haste do agitate

as intensions leave all control of mind

to be devoured by slavish devotion

to instincts of survival in brutality

of season of lifelessness


Struggle of desire does rise whilst my root does take refuge

from outward blizzard in my Angela’s delicate garden of warmth

upon this night of frost to with triumph

succumb its grandeur upon our act of survival 



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