Rohingya Issue is a Burning Issue For Bangladesh

Rohingya is the people of the Myanmar in Arakanese state. As per United Nations they people is around 1 million, most of them are Muslim and the minority are Hindu. Myanmar Nationalized Law in 1982 ignores Rohingya as the citizen of Myanmar. They are simultaneously lost their freedom and right to get the civil service job. On August 25, 2017 the Rohingya rebel attack and killed 12 security forces and the Myanmar security forces launched clearance operations that 400-3,000 dead, a great percentage injured, tortured, sexual and gender-based violence so that result is like 40 percentage Rohingya fled to Bangladesh.

At present Rohingya which considering as an issue is the name of humanity violation in Myanmar. Most of the people of Rakhine state in Myanmar disappointed by the attack of Myanmar authority. By the attack, most of the Rohingya proceed to the Bangladesh leaving their house, relative and everything only to skip from death. United Nations explain 436 thousand Rohingya refuses fled to Bangladesh and it is seen on 25th August 2017. Those people bear many problems in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and the final result is they fled to Bangladesh and stateless from Myanmar’s.

In Bangladesh, they get shelter in refuses camp but their sorrow days does not finish. Most of the Rohingya refugee’s camps are in the Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. They suffer for want of clean water, food, medicine and daily necessary thing. Some countries go ahead on this issue by providing money or food. But it is not sufficient for the Rohingya people because they are huge in number. International NGO and local volunteers work together from the sense of humanity to provide them clean water, sanitation, and food.

Bangladesh is a small country it is the great problems to survive the Rohingya because the country is populated. So at that case, Rohingya is a burden for Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Rohingya is trying spread out in various places (inside Bangladesh). It is a great problem for the country in the sense of safety issue.

From Myanmar near 100 Hindu families are from Rakhine state. The Hindu Rohingya fled to Bangladesh in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps. It is also caused by the Myanmar’s security forces. The refugees rely only on United Nations food programmed and other local authority.

The refugee children, when they cross the border at that time they injured seriously in the fence which uses for border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The other sufferings are so pathetic. In camp, the Kids suffering from various kinds of diseases and some are lost their lives for want of treatment. In the situation, local authority help to get proper treatment. What is the helping they get it is not sufficient for them.

Aung San Suu Kei tells Nikkei, Anytime his country taking back some Rohingya refugees.

United Nation asked Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Condemning the Rohingya violence UN experts say jointly to Myanmar government also to meet the Rohingya refugees and see their sufferings.

Bangladesh cricket legend Sakib Al Hassan also visits the refugee camps and the refugees who come from Myanmar. He helps those ill-fated people. He says it is so pathetic; the most of the refugees are women and children for that I request to the various authority and reach man to help them. Many country and organization help for the Rohingya refugee. He advises donating for Rohingya refugees through the UNICEF.ORG.BD. and request to come forward for help.

Bangladesh plays an important role by helping the refugees. They make refugee’s camp for the people who fled from Myanmar Arakanese state. Bangladesh authority wants that the issue will solve within the short time. But at that case, Myanmar has to play the aggressive roles to solve the issue. Myanmar has to back their people to their country and needs to stop the violence.

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