How Modern Technology Has Changed the Way of Break Ups?

Modern break-ups are fulfilled with lot more complications than past generation. Breaking up is not an easy situation. Remember the scene of Sex and the City in which girls were shocked that Carrie’s beau Berger broke up with her girlfriend via text note? The once promising relationship ended up with these pitiful words that are enveloped in square yellow card: “I’m Sorry, I Can’t. Don’t hate me.”

These days the “end” of relationship does not mean your ties are cut completely. Technology is invading our life more than ever before social media ruled; you may have only encountered your ex in awkward coffee shop run in or garden where you met during walk.

In the age of technology, Breaking up is much harder to do it gracefully. The ease of accessing text messages, chat and sharing photos over the social media makes a broken hearted person very unfortified to doing some pretty unpleasant things after they’ve cut the cord on their relationship.

Here are the ways that how technology has changed the way of break up with a long term partner as follows:

Technology has allowed our ex’s to follow around in our pocket and bags wherever we go. Mobile phones are never further than reach of our hands away. Emails, Social networks, and internet are more present that ever before. More than 85% of teenager used those technologies to communicate.

Relationship Status

Facebook relationship status is one of the biggest points of anxiety for modern peoples after break up. It shows your memories publicly and status too that is addressed by the friends, family and other members. Nobody, prepare for the notifications that comes in sad – face, emotion and even it’s also record your activities like individual photos tagged and exchanged comment between two lovers. This is extremely tiring processes that make you want to throw your phone in the ocean.

Hit that Un-friend Button

Changing your relationship status is not enough to express you’re now in clear. Remove tags from photos, delete messages and picture this you wake up with brand new day and got someone else better than your ex. Share some new picture of your new relations from coffee shop and other exotic places. So, all those things you should have to do it yourself in your favor by hitting that.Unfriend and Unfollow button. Out of sight and Out of mind. Calls for Breakups Now your profile says, you are “Single” and ready for “Mingle”. But after Unfriend some of things are more to do that includes your individually share some love emotions, texting, wake up calls, check-ins and intimate photos. So take another step to done all things that you have done together when both were in relationship.

Booby traps

Now it’s time to get handle on the booby traps that may sneak around by wrapping all possible slips ups. It is especially for those who you wish to continue friendship with opt to create Un-following their happenings- even for the meantime. Perhaps also decide to ‘block’ your ex. These dramatic steps are necessary that will prevent you from the temptation of stalking your ex. Remember; these tasks are there for a reason, So take advantage of them. Because if these steps are not applied then all the work before you had done previously all are undone.

Come on Get Happy

With all these steps now you are free for do everything you want. But one of the biggest favors you could do for yourself is going offline for a while. Even one week to detox could make a difference. Don’t use social websites for a month and get time to heal yourself by doing some outdoor activities, playing games and get involved in daily work. So that next you logged in your social accounts you could be able to share happy photos with your friends.

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