Science and Technology A Brief Timeline History of Artificial Intelligence

Even though artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is the buzz phrase today for practically everyone in the world, this brief but informative & accurate timeline illustrates that there is nothing new about AI. In fact, it predates the invention of the personal computer by more than two decades. The advancements made in AI are progressing at an exponential rate leveraging our ever faster computing power, the explosion of digital data and the speed of communications structures. In many ways, the commercialization of AI has only just begun and it will profoundly affect our world as we know it, similarly or perhaps more profoundly than the Internet and mobile phone had done so before.

1950: Alan Turing proposed the Turing Test.

1950: Issac Asimov proposed the Three Laws of Robotics.

1951: The first AI based program was written.

1955: The first self-learning game playing program was created.

1959: MIT AI Lab is set up.

1961: The first robot is introduced into GM assembly line.

1964: Saw the demo of the first program that understands Natural Language.

1965: The world’s first chat bot ELIZA was invented.

1974: First autonomous vehicle was created at Stanford’s AI Lab.

1988: Andre Gray invents the world’s first Internet crawler bot named “inkling” (an AI bot).

1989: Carnegie Mellon creates the first autonomous vehicle using a Neural Network.

1994: Andre Gray invents Mind-Over-Matter Technology.

1997: IBM Deep Blue beats Garry Kasper of at chess.

1999: SONY introduces AIBO.

1999: MIT AI Labs demonstrates first emotional AI robot.

2004: DARPA introduces the autonomous vehicle challenge.

2009: Google starts building a self-driving car.

2010: Narrative Science’s Quill AI demonstrates the ability to write reports.

2011: IBM Watson beats Jeopardy champions.

2011: SIRI,Google Now and Cortana become mainstream.

2015: Elon Musk and others donate $1 billion to “Open AI”.

2016: Google’s Deep Mind defeats Korean Alpha Go champion.

2016: Stanford University issues the “AI 100 Report”.

2016: UC Berkeley launches the Center for Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence.

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