Secret to make your own Air Jordans

Air Jordans have been the top selling signature basketball sneaker ever produced by Nike, according to NiceKicks. Each year jordan shoe are released and re-released, with changes to blend with fashionable trends. Sneaker fans everywhere search for limited edition and hard to find Air Jordans to keep their sneaker collection one-of-a-kind and up to par. Although there are frequent releases of Air Jordans, there is also a creative option to design your own exclusive model. With simple steps, easily create a custom pair of Air Jordans to stylishly stand out. 1 Visit the “NIKEiD” homepage. 2 Choose “Men’s” or “Women’s” from the row of tabs located at the top of the page. 3 Scroll down to “Basketball”, which is the fourth selection, and click on it. 4 Select the model of Air Jordans that you wish to customize. Once the page loads, a picture of the sneaker will load on the page. To the left of the image, click on “Or Start Blank”. 5 Customize the sneaker by using your mouse to scroll over the 11 different portions of the sneaker. The base, collar/lining, foxing, laces, tip, swoosh, logo, tip, vamp, midsole and the outsole. When you click on each portion, the available colors for the specific portion will show up. Select the color of your choice. Once you select a color for a certain portion, it will be shown on the display of the sneaker so you can clearly track your customizations. 6 Experiment with different colors until you are satisfied with the customized look of the sneaker. 7 Click on “What’s Left”, which is located below the display of the design progress box on the right side of the page. Select “Medial iD” and type in what you want your Medial iD to be. The Medial iD is a word or short phrase that will be displayed on the foxing of the sneaker. 8 Select your size of sneaker and if you decide to purchase the sneakers, select “Add to Cart”. Select “View Cart” to continue with the purchasing process and simply follow along with the purchasing directions. wholesale jordan shoes Do it yourself now! It is composed by 5azulcom 04.11.2012 tags: cheap jordan shoes new jordan shoes.

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