Stunning styles of Jennifer Lopez

The Magic of Jennifer Looks

All are excited over the new snaps of Jennifer Lopez where she featured her hair on the Argentinean version of American Idol. The all-time mature hit singer arrived with her new shoulder length curly haircut and then after few hours, she transformed her short hair into long thick hair. Millions got astonished by this sudden change & many knew the secret of this magic. It’s due to the hair extensions. This magic is now a big hit & many ladies are looking forward to apply them on to get the celebrity looks in easy & efficient way. Extensions over Jennifer looks fabulous & also it increased the demand of the hot star. Extensions are the thumbs up tool which quickly transforms your hairstyle within few minutes astonishing you & your loved ones!! Extensions or hair weaves got applied through many ways. Apart from its method there are some categories under which the weaves falls on. The extensions made from real hair are of the best quality. Through different studies hair extensions in London are the best hair extensions providers among different providers.

J Lo.’s Hair style

Jennifer Lopez’s new hair, presented some months before thought as the cutest style & her fans really liked her curly hair with side parting. Not only this, we all loved Jenni’s long hair style which was just a little head over heels.

Hair shades of Jennifer

Jennifer Lopez’s hair on the event got displayed with soft waves throughout the mid-lengths of her hair and it was kept to a center parting that time, which was bang-on-trend. Her hair style featuring of golden caramel shade was the greatest idea applied by the celebrity. Her admirers loved her style which stayed perfectly over her hair.

Well maintained & up to date Tools

Jennifer always keeps her hair in steady & excellent condition. She always keep her extensions maintained which formed the biggest achievement to have the proper hair. Secret admirers of the pop star got amused by the frequent change overs of star’s hair.

Giving fans a Hearty welcome

Another eye-catching feature in mature signer was the stunning gold outfit. Her choice of clothes was amazing & perfectly matched with the event. the braids around her beautiful hips and booty just surpassed her look and the people think she was looking amazingly hot. Actually it was true; she did look superb in her demanding clothing.

Last but not least, we all loved the outfit as well as the hair style of Jennifer Lopez. All in all she was looking classical accompanied with her choice of super class outfit.


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