The Rise of Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

With the world now more receptive to the concept of improving one’s physical traits through medical methods, there has been an increase in interest in cosmetic surgery in the Philippines. Despite the rising openness to undergoing medical procedures in the pursuit of beauty and youth, this does not translate to an immediate boost in appointments for plastic surgery in Manila. The prospect of going under the knife is just as scary as it was a few years ago. Instead, the upswell of aesthetic procedures is not caused by surgical procedures; rather, the increase is primarily attributed to the non-surgical treatments.

Unlike the invasive, surgical methods, procedures classified as non-surgical do not penetrate or require incisions of the body in order to make the changes. These treatments achieve the same end result of acquiring the desired youthful, or perhaps more aesthetically pleasing, look without the drawbacks of surgery.

One such facility that offers non-surgical procedures is Beverly Hills 6750, a cosmetic clinic that is a leading contender in the Philippine cosmetic surgery industry. The Beverly Hills brand in Makati offers a multitude of services, both invasive and non-invasive. It has on board among the best cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines.

Some of the revolutionary non-surgical methods available at BH6750 is the procedure known as Botulinum toxin therapy. More commonly known as Botox, it is currently the most popular aesthetic procedure available. The process is only minimally painful and consists of a series of strategic injections. The relative ease of the non-invasive treatment omits the strict need to be at a clinic or hospital. Especially since there is no non-inactive recovery time needed at the end of the procedure.

Expense is one of the biggest advantages of non-surgical procedures. The tools and resources required in surgery cost a large sum of money as well as an extended recovery time whereas non-invasive methods are of much less cost and much shorter time period for recovery. In spite of these obvious boons, most non-surgical methods are temporary so in effect, would charge for a longer time. But this drawback can also be seen as an advantage since it allows the same end of a desired change in appearance but does not require the patient’s permanent commitment to altering one’s appearance.

The choice between a surgical and non-surgical procedure should be made with the guidance of a trained physician. The Beverly Hills brand in the Philippines only employs such doctors, skilled in different specialties. Treatments of both types are done with the use of the finest facilities and resources found best in Beverly Hills 6750.

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