What’s Involved In Bringing Your UK Car Into Portugal?

If you’re reading this because you’ve come across our blog while searching for the best deals on British Car Insurance In Portugal, we would like to congratulate you on being so forward-thinking and trying to prepare yourself for taking your car into this exciting and fascinating country.

Indeed, it is vital to be as well-informed as possible, as early as possible, when you are seeking to bring your UK car onto Portuguese shores, not least as actually importing a motor vehicle here is notoriously difficult.

So what do I need to know first?

First of all, we should probably point out that the journey from the UK to Portugal provides quite the thrilling experience from behind the wheel – it’s the perfect opportunity to tailor your very own Top Gear or The Grand Tour road trip! However, there are definitely some legal requirements that you will also need to bear in mind.

You will need to remember to drive on the right rather than the left, of course, but the law in Portugal is also much stricter than the UK’s as far as documentation is concerned. You are legally required, for example, to have a bright reflective yellow, orange or red jacket in the car when driving, together with an approved reflective warning triangle.

If you do have an accident or breakdown, you are required to wear the jacket and position the triangle on the road a safe distance behind your vehicle to warn other road users.

In the event that the police stop you, they may ask you for a driving licence, as well as proof of insurance, proof of address, proof that you own the vehicle and proof that your car has an MOT certificate to confirm its road-worthiness. While a UK licence is usually acceptable in Portugal, it’s advisable to show the plastic version with a photo and an EU flag, rather than the traditional paper version.

For how long can you keep your car in Portugal?

Whether you are a British expat or visitor, you cannot keep your UK car in Portugal for more than 183 days in any year. However, many people make the mistake of presuming the 183 days to be consecutive – it is instead a reference to the total permitted number of days. That means you can’t continue leaving and coming back to Portugal if you have already reached the 183-day figure for the year.

We would advise you to get in touch with the Portuguese authorities for more advice if you would like to import a car into the country from the UK.

Otherwise, once you are prepared to bring your UK car into Portugal as an expat, we would advise you to make the most of our English-speaking service here at Ibex Insurance Services to find the right deal for British car insurance in Portugal.

We can cater to all of your obvious needs for car insurance if you are a British expat in Portugal, enabling you to choose from policies on a comprehensive or third party basis, with an assortment of optional extras of which to also take advantage.

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